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A Musical Life

Our worldwide Classic Album Sundays hosts tell us their musical stories.

A Musical Life: CAS Amsterdam’s Phil Horneman

Check out our A Music Life blog, this time we feature Phil Horseman, a guest host alongside Femke Dekker at our upcoming CAS event in Amsterdam.

A Musical Life: Songbyrd Music

Get the lowdown on our hosts in Washington DC Joe Lapan, Peter Lillis, and John Weiss from Songbird Music.

A Musical Life: Stephen Mejias of AudioQuest

The next in our 'A Musical Life' series features one of our audio partners Stephen Mejias of AudioQuest. Check out his thoughts on the current state of audio!

A Musical Life: CAS NYC’s Barbie Bertisch

Get the lowdown on our CAS NYC host Barbie Bertisch, what she loves about her city, her Top 5 albums and much more!

A Musical Life: CAS Amsterdam’s Femke Dekker

With our ADE special coming this week we decided to catch up with CAS Amsterdam host Femke Dekker to get the lowdown on her musical life.

A Musical Life: CAS Brussels Gina Lapsley

Getting ready for this Sunday's event with Ken Scott in Brussels we caught up with CAS Brussels Gina to get the inside scoop on her musical life.

A Musical Life: CAS Chicago’s Sam Willett

In advance of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, we catch up with our CAS delegate to find out the music that inspires him.