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[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Oslo Presents Genesis ‘Foxtrot’ + ‘Duke’

Time and Date: Thursday August 22nd 2019 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Rick Wakeman ‘Go Out There’ with Classic Album Sundays at The...

Rick is friends with astronauts, physicists and his music has even been sent to space. Hear him speak with great authority on how space influenced his own music.

Classic Album Sundays Oslo and Motorpsycho on ‘Angels and Daemons at...

We were lucky enough to be joined by the legendary prog rockers for a special evening, check out the gallery and full videos.

Simon Heyworth on the Creation of ‘Tubular Bells’ at Classic Album...

'Tubular Bells' producer Simon Heyworth tells the stories behind the making of Virgin Record's debut release and the creation of England's first residential studio, The Manor.

Ticket Competition for Steve Hackett’s ‘Wolflight’ Album Launch Event

Attention Prog Rockers! Here is your chance to hear the former Genesis guitarist's new album, witness a live interview & get your own vinyl copy!

Classic Album Sundays presents Television ‘Marquee Moon’

CAS celebrates the cult classic that at the time of its release broke the rules and defied labels, a tribute that seems to have bode the band well in the long run.

CAS presents Mike Oldfield ‘Tubular Bells’ with Simon Heyworth Gallery

Pics of our 'Tubular Bells' listening session with guest producer Simon Heyworth as part of our CAS series at The House of St Barnabas

CAS presents Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ with Storm Thorgerson...

CAS joins up with the Proud Archivist to host a special session within the exhibition of Pink Floyd's album designer. We will be joined by photographer Jill Furmanovsky who extensively photographed the band.

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” presented by Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy

Classic Album Sundays founder Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy tells us how separation and distrust of the music industry formed the basis for Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".





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