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Classic Album Sundays Chicago presents The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”

Our Chicago host tells the story behind The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds'.

CAS Kansas City presents The Beatles ‘Revolver’ & Paul Simon ‘Graceland’

Join us for our August event in Kansas City where we'll be featuring not one but two classic albums!

Daft Punk ‘Discovery’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Paying homage to Chicago House, Disco, Soul and much more... take a journey through the sonic influences for Daft Punk's 'Discovery'.

CAS NYC’s Celebration of PRINCE’s Life & Legacy with DJ Spinna

The setup was looking fantastic at our recent event in NYC with DJ Spinna at Good Room in Brooklyn!

CAS LA presents The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’

Check out these great shots by Augusta Dayton of our first ever event in LA for The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' which was hosted by Zach Cowie.

CAS London & The British Library Celebrate Punk London

Check out some images from the two events we recently hosted for The British Library to celebrate Punk London with special guests The Damned and The Buzzcocks.

The Rise, Fall and Rise of Vinyl Records

Join Colleen on May 4th as she hosts a panel that explores the visual history and influence that vinyl album cover design has had on popular culture.

The Vinyl Factory

Check out The Vinyl Factory's "Five vinyl soundsystems bringing slow listening to London" article featuring Classic Album Sundays.

The Guardian

The Guardian recently featured Colleen and Classic Album Sundays in their article "Sonic boom: why clubs are cranking up the quality instead of the volume".