It’s the 20th anniversary (already?) of the release of this seminal album which fused together acid house, psychedelic soul and good ole rock n’ roll. This is the album that elevated Primal Scream onto a mainstream level and became the soundtrack to our lives for a period of time and with good reason.

Primal Scream enlisted the talents of a few producers for this record including former Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller and Alex Patterson of the Orb. However, it was DJ Andrew Weatherall who helped the band break free of the rock structures with the use of a a sampler and an open mind and ended up producing a great chunk of the record.

In singer Bobby Gillespie’s words, “…using drum loops, writing songs to drum loops. Before that we would sit with electric guitars and try and write a chord sequence in the melody, a very traditional way of writing songs. But when we started working with drum loops, the sampler and the keyboard it just opened everything up to us. We started to write and think in a totally different way.”

Despite merging different musical styles together and working with an array of producers, the band managed to create an album that flowed as a piece.

Guitarist Andrew Innes remembers sequencing the record, “I thought I’d run it like a weekend. Like you’re going out, you put on ‘Movin’ On Up’ on, and that’s your going-out record on a Friday night when you’re having a shave, you’re getting ready: you’re going to have a fucking weekend so you stick that song on. And then in the middle it’s the real trippy, psychedelic stuff, so that’s when your head’s full of stuff and you’re just in the middle of the dancefloor. And then ‘Shine Like Stars’ is like a proper comedown. I thought, ‘I’ve got to run it like how we are.’