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Forgotten Classic: Yellow Magic Orchestra ‘Solid State Survivor’

Remembering an undervalued gem from the Japanese synthpop pioneers.

Sony To Resume Vinyl Pressing After 30 Years

The music giant will resume pressing with the opening of a new plant.

A Musical Life: Masuo Norihide of CAS Fukuoka

Get the inside scoop on CAS Fukuoka's Masuo Norihide with our latest 'A Musical Life' blog.

Roxy Music ‘Avalon’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Press Play to hear Roxy contemporaries such as David Bowie and Grace Jones and inspirations such as Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker.

CAS and RBMA Japan present DJ Krush’s Favourite Album

Japan's premier jazzy hip hop producer and DJ presents that album he loves beginning to end: Miles Davis 'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud'

Classic Album Sundays in Tokyo Gallery

We had a great time at our CAS session in Tokyo. Tanoshikatta desu!