New pressing plants are sorely needed at the moment, with vinyl demand hitting record levels and existing manufacturers overflowing with orders. A new 350 square-metre, two-press plant, christened Intakt!, has recently become operational in Berlin’s Marienfelde district, and will help to alleviate some of this stress.

As Resident Advisor reports, founders Max Gössler and Alexander Terboven are “aiming to press 30,000 records a month, with a turnaround time of four weeks.”

The pair are specifically looking to accommodate small and medium sized independent labels, who are often forced to the back of long waiting lists due to the inundation of major label back-catalogue reissues – which continue to rise as a side effect of vinyl’s growing mainstream popularity.

The plant is part of a growing wave of new vinyl manufacturers (check out our blog on Viryl technologies), which includes Jack White’s recently opened Third Man Pressing in Detroit.


Owen Jones

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