‘They start relying on you to hand them that next bit of excitement.’ – Kimberley Dunne, co-owner of Transmission Records in Margate.

Behind The Counter is a 12-part video series that tells the stories behind the wonderful world of the independent record shops presented by Classic Album Sundays, Record Store Day UK and Bowers & Wilkins.

A new episode will drop every Tuesday in the run-up to Record Store Day 2019 which will share unique stories from around the UK featuring the shops who have stood the test of time to the newbies on the block. Get to know your local shops.

Watch: Action Records in Preston (Behind The Counter Episode 2)
Watch: Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester (Behind The Counter Episode 3)
Watch: Pure Vinyl in Brixton (Behind The Counter Episode 4)
Watch: Specialist Subject Records in Bristol (Behind The Counter Episode 5)
Watch: Love Music in Glasgow (Behind The Counter Episode 6)
Watch: VOD Music in Mold (Behind The Counter Episode 7)
Watch: Banquet Records in Kingston (Behind The Counter Episode 8)
Watch: Jacaranda Records – Phase One in Liverpool (Behind The Counter Episode 9)