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[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Sydney presents Blondie ‘Parallel Lines’

Date and Time: Sunday September 16th 2018, 6 to 11:45pm

Jane’s Addiction ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ Events

"Jane's took that classic rock ‘n' roll and metal that Dave and Steve were into and mixed it with Velvet Underground, Iggy and Bowie. We had such an extensive vocabulary to draw from... It was like a science experiment." - Perry Farrell

#AlbumsByWomen Day Two

Check out the favourite #AlbumsByWomen from Pink Floyd's Nick Mason, The Damned's Captain Sensible, A Certain Ratio, Classic Album Sundays' Barbie Bertisch, Jim Poe & Sam Willett, Graham Hi-Fi's Sophie Thurston, DJ Marcia Carr and more...

Classic Album Sundays presents Sigur Rós ‘Ágætis Byrjun’ Events

"We are simply gonna change music forever, and the way people think about music. And don't think we can't do it, we will." - Sigur Ros

CAS Sydney presents Air ‘Music for Museum’ Gallery

Our first ever sessions in the middle of the museum was perfectly soundtracked by Air's 'Music for Museum'.

[ Past ] Public Enemy ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to...

Sunday June 24th 2018, 2pm – 4pm, Stavanger, Norway

[ Past ] Public Enemy ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to...

Sunday June 17th 2018, 7pm – 9pm, Oslo, Norway.