Record Store Day 2017 saw the 10th anniversary of the event, which highlights the importance of record vendors in a notoriously competitive industry. This year’s sales prove an exceptional increase on previous years – sales at independent stores boosted 194 percent over the previous week, marking the biggest weekly gain since RSD’s inception.

As Billboard reports: “The annual indie music retailer celebration traditionally offers a robust slate of exclusive and limited-edition vinyl albums and singles, generally only found at indie stores (and in limited quantities). Thus, it’s no surprise to see that vinyl album sales grew 213 percent to 547,000 sold (across all retailers, not just indies). That’s the biggest non-Christmas season week for vinyl albums since Nielsen began electronically tracking point-of-sale music purchases in 1991.”

409,000 LP’s were specifically sold at independent outlets in the week ending 27th April, marking a huge increase of 484 per cent.

As Billboard also notes, “Independent stores represented 31 percent of the total industry’s physical album sales for the week — the sector’s highest weekly share ever — up from 27 percent during RSD week of 2016. Prior to RSD 2017, indie record stores had accounted for 14 percent of all physical album sales in 2017.”

All this makes for promising news, and as Vinyl’s mainstream resurgence continues to swell, it’s reassuring to see the independent sector’s numbers rise in tandem.

Owen Jones

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