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Behind The Counter US 2022: Homer’s Music, Omaha (Episode 2 of...

“Great communities have great restaurants, great live music venues, great art galleries, great events, great food and independent retail, whether it’s bookstores or music stores or the like, contribute to the character of that community.” Mike Fratt, Homer’s Music.

Behind The Counter US 2022: Randy Now’s Man Cave, New Jersey...

“I mean it’s my environment. It’s what I like. I still learn everyday.” Randy Now.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Intense Records, Chelmsford (Episode 3 of...

“The reason why I set up the record shop is because I love listening to records. I’ve turned a hobby into my job. Every day is the perfect day.” Jon Smith, Intense Records.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Vinyl Revival, Manchester (Episode 2 of...

“I don’t think the shop would be here if it weren’t for the Hacienda. I think it had that impact on everyone in the city, it was the place to go to, it was our church back in the day.” Colin White, Vinyl Revival.

Behind The Counter US 2022: Fingerprints, California (Episode 1 of 12)

“I think independent record shops are important to communities because I think in many cases they’re kind of the cultural epicentre... it’s just a hub for all of these things, that on a cultural standpoint bring value to our neighbourhoods.” Rand Foster, Fingerprints.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Lion Vibes, Brixton (Episode 1 of...

“The reason Brixton is important is because it’s a pretty core part of reggae history… They’ll come out, hit all the record shops and then take the first plane back home the next day.” Ben Bell, Lion Vibes.