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Behind The Counter US 2022: Josey Records Dallas, Texas (Episode 11...

“Record stores play a broad role in developing the culture of your city. It’s a place where people come together… It just becomes part of the cultural fabric of your community.” Luke Sardello, Josey Records.

Behind The Counter US 2022: Guestroom Records, Louisville (Episode 10 of...

“It’s amazing that we are running record smashing numbers year over year… it’s very exciting that more and more people are into vinyl records now than literally at any point in the last 30 years”. Travis Searle, Guestroom Records.

Behind The Counter US 2022: Crooked Beat, Washington DC (Episode 9...

“What keeps me motivated is every day I come to work and I know I’m going to learn about something.” Bill Daly Crooked Beat Records

Behind The Counter US 2022: The Record Exchange, Boise (Episode 8...

“We also want to encourage women to come into the store. That’s a really important legacy that I wanted to carry on from the previous owner, Jill. We have a lot of female staff members, I think that’s really important, especially with the young people now they see that there’s women working here an we’re knowledgeable about music.” Catherine Merrick, The Record Exchange.

Behind The Counter US 2022: Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles in Chicago...

“The purpose of a record store, the physical experience is more than the sum of the parts… you just can’t possibly download a record store.” Nick Mayor, Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Loafers, Halifax (Episode 11 of 12)

“A lot of our customers are friends now. They’ll come to our gigs, they’ll all meet here. It’s brought together that kind of sense of community and shared passion for the music and artwork and culture.” Mark Richardson

Behind The Counter UK 2022: World Of Echo, London (Episode 10...

“I really feel like the shop has become a bit of a hub, because everybody kind of migrates to the record shop, that’s like the heart of where it all starts.” Natalie Judge, World Of Echo.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Black Star Records, New Forest (Episode...

This week’s episode features Black Star Records in Lyndhurst, New Forest. “You have invest in the art, you have to invest in the future… we invite people to get involved with owning music.” Fran Jones, Black Star Records.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Some Great Reward, Glasgow (Episode 12...

“What makes it working in a record shop for me is, it’s just having that sort of personal connection to the people that come in.” Angus Lawson





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