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Behind the Counter UK 2022 Roundup

Step inside inside the weird and wonderful world of independent record shops!

Behind The Counter UK 2022: World Of Echo, London (Episode 10...

“I really feel like the shop has become a bit of a hub, because everybody kind of migrates to the record shop, that’s like the heart of where it all starts.” Natalie Judge, World Of Echo.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Black Star Records, New Forest (Episode...

This week’s episode features Black Star Records in Lyndhurst, New Forest. “You have invest in the art, you have to invest in the future… we invite people to get involved with owning music.” Fran Jones, Black Star Records.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: The Record Café, Bradford (Episode 8...

“I think a record shop’s important to a community because it’s keeping the high street alive, you can’t beat just staring at a shelf and physically going through things, that’s the way you pick up stuff you might not have done.” Keith Wildman, The Record Café.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Shrubs & Dubs, Shoreditch (Episode 7...

“When we were first putting the shop together we wanted it to be inclusive. We wanted it to be that anyone’s welcome.” Kieran Wilson, Shrubs & Dubs.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Peckham Soul, Peckham (Episode 6 of...

"There's two things which diaspora always bring with them, music and food. You can actually demonstrate how multicultural areas have always been if you explore the musical heritage" Craig Jamieson, Peckham Soul.

Behind the Counter UK 2021 Roundup

Step inside inside the weird and wonderful world of independent record shops!

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Flashback Records, London (Episode 5 of...

This week’s episode features Flashback Records in London. “The great thing about working in a second hand record shop is that you’re not part of the whole sort of industry machine. You’re working within music, dealing with great music the whole time, but you’re not part of that whole horrible promotional machine that surrounds all of music it seems.” Mark Burgess

Behind The Counter UK 2021: X Records, Bolton (Episode 3 of...

"Even though I've been doing it for so long, it still doesn't really feel like a job, it's more of a passion, it's something I still enjoy doing everyday." Steve Meekings





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