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DJ Yoda on De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’

Promising a new era of positivity in hip-hop, De LA Soul paved the way for a generation of rap artists.

The Avalanches ‘Since I Left You’ Musical Leadup Playlist

The Main Attraction, Blowfly, DJ Shadow, Big Audio Dynamite and more feature in our playlist of sounds that inspired 'Since I Left You'.

DJ Yoda on De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’...

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy and DJ Yoda dig deep into the most inventive, assured, and playful debut in hip-hop history De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising.

De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ with CAS Washington...

The first of three collaborations with Prince Paul, '3 Feet High and Rising' proved that hip-hop music was more than just rapping about the ghetto.

Arthur Jeffes’ Top 5 Albums of All Time

Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Cafe gives us an insight to some of his favourite albums of all time.

The Story of De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’

Peace, love, justice, equality, fun, togetherness, self-expression and self-worth. Yep, De La Soul gave us the blueprint, assembly instructions included.

30 Years Of De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’

The Lazy Afternoons And Angsty Optimism Of ‘3 Feet High And Rising’.

Look Inside The De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’...

Get the lowdown on this months VMP Album Of The Month ahead of our event with DJ Yoda in London on Tuesday March 26th.

[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays & Vinyl Me, Please present De...

Time & Date: Tuesday March 26th 2019 19:00 – 22:00