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Newbury Comics in Boston (Behind The Counter USA Episode 8/12)

Today we meet Newbury Comics’ Marianne Murphy and Laura Espinola.

Main Street Music in Philadelphia (Behind The Counter USA Episode 6/12)

In the sixth video we meet Main Street Music founder Pat Feeney.

Gallery Of Sound in Pennsylvania (Behind The Counter USA Episode 5/12)

In our latest video we meet Gallery Of Sound owner Joe Nardone Jr.

The Sound Garden in Baltimore (Behind The Counter USA Episode 3/12)

In the third video we meet Bryan Burkert from The Sound Garden in Baltimore.

Rough Trade in Brooklyn (Behind The Counter USA Episode 2/12)

This time we meet George Flanagan from Rough Trade in Brooklyn.

Record Archive in Rochester (Behind The Counter USA Episode 1/12)

In the first episode we get to know Margaret Storms from Record Archive in Rochester.

Pie & Vinyl in Southsea Portsmouth (Behind The Counter Episode 12/12)

The idea of Pie & Vinyl is simple, combining a love and passion for music with one of England’s favourite old fashioned comfort foods. Take a step inside with owner Steve Courtnell.