After their first album, the members of Public Enemy gained a new social perspective, and these self-proclaimed prophets of rage articulated the anger implicit in the hard beats and bottomless bravado of ghetto-born rap. It’s not that Chuck D was smarter or more ambitious than his contemporaries – certainly, KRS-One tackled many similar sociopolitical tracts, while Rakim had a greater flow – but he marshaled considerable revolutionary force, clear vision, and a boundless vocabulary to create galvanizing, logical arguments that were undeniable in their strength.

We will be joined by special guest Normski who was part of the emerging hip hop music scene during the 1980s. His involvement in music culture led him to photograph hip hop artists and fashions for publications like The Face, i-D and Vogue, whilst also creating publicity photographs for the musicians themselves. As a radio broadcaster, his credits include Dance Energy Radio Show on Radio 1, Rap Academy on Kiss FM and VIBE on BBC Radio 5.

Normski will be joining Colleen to discuss the importance of Public Enemy and why they are still regarding as one of the most important acts 30 years later.

The album is available to purchase here.


Time & Date: Sunday June 17th 2018 16:00 – 19:00


Brilliant Corners, 470 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE


£10 in advance


Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy with Normski

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