In April we’re celebrating one of the best hiphop albums of all time. Celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this month, Nas’s Illmatic was a game-changing record which helped kick-start the resurgence of New York hiphop in the mid ’90s. It’s an album that struggles between optimism and nihilism, the mood shifting, between lines and songs, at a moments notice, as Nas strives to realise his world-beating ambitions in the midst of conflict and deprivation. Far from allowing teenage angst to overwhelm him, the rapper is often alarmingly cool headed and pragmatic, even when cold despondency seeps in through the cracks.

Seating at Deja Vu is LIMITED. Late arrivals may be denied entry.

5-8pm, presentation begins at 6pm sharp!

Ticket includes complimentary Deep Eddy cocktails and snacks.

Join us to experience this album like never before.


Time and Date: Sunday April 21st 2019 5:00pm – 8:00pm


Deja Vu Audio South, 120 Northwest 25th Street, #Suite 302, Miami, FL 33127


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