Classic Album Sundays, the most popular and respected classic album listening event in the world, has finally set up shop in Chicago, thanks to Chicago’s Transistor.  We’re kicking off the monthly album listening series with a major landmark in the experimental, post-rock, and pop genres with Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden. Talk Talk is the band you probably know for their 80s mega hit, “It’s My Life” (also famously covered by many bands, most notably No Doubt), but their music took and abstract and prolific turn with 1988’s Spirit of Eden.

The band sought to “turn the world upside down” with the release of Spirit of Eden, and they did just that by forgetting typical song structures and building a sound collage from obsessive instrumental precision and one of the deepest exclamations to understand life and human emotion through artistic expression. The band exchanged their synthesizers for a “fusion of jazz, classical, and ambient elements,” according to Tony Benjamin in the Talk Talk biography, The Spirit of Talk Talk, to produce one of the most profound and beautiful musical experiences. Mark Hollis, the band’s frontman, and his irreplaceable voice illustrate how scared and confusing it feels to move through unknown territory of life and art.

Listening to Spirit of Eden will make you feel different music and yourself. In an interview, Mark Hollis said, “The ideal time to listen to it would be late at night in a very calm mood, with no distractions… You have to give all your attention. You should never listen to music as background music. Ever (quote can also be found in The Spirit of Talk Talk).” We are here to bring those wishes to life.

Saturday Audio Exchange, a well-renowed Chicago independent music dealer, will be providing a custom-curated hi-fi audio system to make this experience come to life on vinyl. By attending the event, you will listen to the album as if you are watching a movie- no phones, no distractions, and complete focus on the beauty engrained on Spirit of Eden. Take a look at the sound equipment Classic Album Sundays typically uses at their events here.

A copy of the Talk Talk biography will be on display at the event. The event is BYOB, and it is recommened to purchase your tickets before the event. These events are very popular in their satellite locations, so be sure to arrive early to secure your spot for the listening experience of a lifetime. Click here to check out where the album is being played around the world and the audio menu featured at each event.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy of the album Spirit of Eden or the band biography The Spirit of Talk Talk, click here for exclusive discount codes and save a few bucks on your purchase.


Date and Time: Sunday April 3rd 18:00 – 21:00

Venue: Transistor – 3441 North Broadway Street, Chicago, IL 60657

Tickets: $5 in advance here and on the door if available

Presenter: Sam Willett

Audio Menu: provided by Saturday Audio and will include McIntosh Tube amps and Monitor Audio Gold tower speakers