We’re presenting a norwegian new wave/post punk classic produced by John Leckie, De Press’ debut album ‘Block To Block’, released 1981 on Siberia Music. Visiting Oslo from Zakopane, Poland, legendary artist and De Press frontman Andrej Nebb are joining our local Classic Album Sundays host Kent Horne for the talk at the Deichman Main Public Library.

Ola Snortheim_Andrej Nebb_Jorn Christensen

Here is our musical lead up to the event, on Tidal, a list of Norwegian post punk from the period around when Block To Block was released in the beginning of the 80s, check it out here.


Date and Time: Thursday 11th May 7 – 9 pm, doors open at 6 pm

Venue: Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek

Tickets: 100NOK at the entrance or in advance HERE.

Presenters: Kent Horne with De Press’ vocalist, bassist and front man Andrej Nebb.

Audio Menu installed by Duet Audio and Midas ReferenceCartridge: Ortofon Cadenza BlackTurntable: Dr. Feickert Blackbird, Tone arm: Jelco750 LB 12″, Preamp: 4 x Monoblocks Auralic Merak 2x800W, Integrated Amp with phono stage: Ayon AurisLoudspeakers: Piega Classic 80.2Interconnects: Midas Reference SiljeSpeaker Cable: Midas Reference SiljePower Conditioner: Isol-8.