On Saturday April 19th (which just so happens to be record store day!) Classic Album Sundays New York City will be hosting a very special one off classic album listening session featuring Quincy Jones’ ‘Walking In Space’. The session will take place from 4PM-6PM at The PowerHouse Arena, Brooklyn, New York. The event is FREE so get down early to avoid disappointment. Our friend, photographer and vinyl nut Eilon Paz at Dust & Grooves, is releasing a brand new book on the subject of vinyl culture and collecting and to celebrate they will feature a pre-launch CAS session followed by the book launch.

Classic Album Sundays NYC Dust & Grooves Session
Album: Quincy Jones ‘Walking in Space’ – Eilon’s favourite album!
Date & Time: Saturday, 19 April 4 pm
Address: The PowerHouse Arena, 37 Main St, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: FREE
Presenter: Ron Like Hell & Eilon Paz
Audio Menu: Rega Apheta MC CartridgeRega P9 TurntableMoon 310 LP Phono PreampMoon P7 Line PreampCardas balanced cabling with power amps and loudspeakers supplied by Dub-Stuy