“Music is the closest thing we have to real magic. Sometimes it comes easy … sometimes it takes a little bit more time and a lot more patience. Both these albums were a labour of love for Dad. He battled against the out of tune synths, the drifting  sync of the Roland Micro Composer, the ropey singing of the two young girls plucked from the Sheffield nightclub, Phil Oakey wanting an ice cold, dark electronic album whilst the label’s directive was to make them danceable …

But that’s what a producer’s job is … to  make a record work. The ultimate production trick though is to make a record that is timeless, that pushes the boundaries, a record that draws in new generations and a record that inspires new recordings and another clutch of classic albums. Dare and Love & Dancing do all those things time and time again.

Thanks for listening to these two albums side by side and as a whole. He would have loved to tell you more … and would go into as much detail as you wanted .. for as long as it took to satisfy everyone’s questions and trying  to inspire you to persevere with your talents and follow your dreams!

All the time with a beer in his hand … so go get a drink!”

Tim Rushent