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Behind The Counter UK 2022: Shrubs & Dubs, Shoreditch (Episode 7...

“When we were first putting the shop together we wanted it to be inclusive. We wanted it to be that anyone’s welcome.” Kieran Wilson, Shrubs & Dubs.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Peckham Soul, Peckham (Episode 6 of...

"There's two things which diaspora always bring with them, music and food. You can actually demonstrate how multicultural areas have always been if you explore the musical heritage" Craig Jamieson, Peckham Soul.

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Vintage & Vinyl, Folkestone (Episode 5...

"I just needed to get out and talk to people, and what better place to do that than in a music shop" Alison Wressell, Vintage & Vinyl.

Behind the Counter USA 2020

Step inside inside the weird and wonderful world of independent record stores!