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Specialist Subject Records in Bristol (Behind The Counter Episode 5/12)

Bristol's Specialist Subject Records is a one stop shop as a label and record store focussed on punk, indie, imported records and hard to find releases.

Pure Vinyl in Brixton (Behind The Counter Episode 4/12)

Specialising in Soul, Funk, Reggae, Pure Vinyl is bringing the good times to Brixton!

Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester (Behind The Counter Episode 3/12)

The third video in our Behind The Counter series features Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester which has been operating in the city since 1985.

Action Records in Preston (Behind The Counter Episode 2/12)

Action Records is the 2nd shop featured in our 'Behind The Counter' series telling the stories behind the wonderful world of the independent record shops presented by Classic Album Sundays, Record Store Day UK and Bowers & Wilkins.

Transmission Records in Margate (Behind The Counter Episode 1)

Our brand new video series with Record Store Day UK and Bowers & Wilkins takes a look at some of the weird and wonderful record store owners across the UK!

Classic Album Sundays National Album Day Events

We will be hosting a week long run of events to celebrate the first ever National Album Day.

Vinyl Sales Surge 213% on Record Store Day 2017

An exceptional increase in sales occurred at this year's event.

Bowie, The Smiths, and The Cure Lead Record Store Day Sales

Take a look at who came out on top this year.

The new wave of vinyl pressing technology

Take a look at the next generation of vinyl pressing technology.





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