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Behind The Counter UK 2023: Winyl, Manningtree (Episode 4 of 12)

“I always used to say you're not just selling a record, you’re selling a feeling, you're selling a future memory.” Steve Tattam, Winyl.

Behind The Counter UK 2023: VoxBox Music, Edinburgh (Episode 3 of...

"The happiest time of my life has been when I've been working in the record shop... It's just a real place where I can find a bit of extra happiness in life I suppose." Darren Yates, VoxBox Music.

Behind The Counter UK 2023: Soul Brother Records, Putney (Episode 2...

“We’re very fortunate, we have a lot of really loyal customers who’ve been coming in since the store first opened 30 years ago and are still coming back.” Laurence Prangell, Soul Brother.

Behind The Counter UK 2023: Vinilo Record Store, Southampton (Episode 1...

“We brought Record Store Day to the city and that was incredible… when we turned the corner and saw a queue and as soon as we walked through people were just clapping and cheering, just the faces were incredible. It was like a really good day.” Virginia Coe

Behind The Counter UK 2022: Loafers, Halifax (Episode 11 of 12)

“A lot of our customers are friends now. They’ll come to our gigs, they’ll all meet here. It’s brought together that kind of sense of community and shared passion for the music and artwork and culture.” Mark Richardson