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Episode 3 Behind The Counter 2024: Tough Love, St Leonards on...

“I decided I wanted to open the kind of shop that I couldn’t find. Part of the important thing for me was to make this shop a safe space. I want to encourage females to come and feel comfortable in that kind of space. I wasn’t always made to feel that way when I was younger, I felt very intimidated, so I definitely wanted to create the opposite vibe in here. Anja Petitto

Episode 2 Behind The Counter 2024: Hey Joe Music and Coffee,...

"I was born into the music industry really. My parents had a record shop in the 80s and 90s called Sgt. Pepper's. They had branches around Essex and East London, and I remember being in there most of my childhood to be honest!" Marc Sardinha, Hey Joe.

Behind The Counter UK 2024: Vinyl Van, Dorchester (Episode 1 of...

“So, the shop started by me taking out my van with my partner and selling a few records at festivals. Had the day job, just thought it was gonna be a bit of fun at the festivals and it grew from there!” Marcia Smith

J Dilla ‘Welcome 2 Detroit’ with Amp Fiddler

J Dilla's 'Welcome 2 Detroit' is a groundbreaking hip-hop album, blending soulful beats and eclectic samples. It showcases Dilla's production genius and pays homage to his hometown's vibrant music scene.

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ by Vince Guaraldi with Neil Cowley at...

Relive your childhood as Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy and pianist and Guaraldi superfan Neil Cowley discuss Guaraldi’s work, life, legacy and his indelible connection to The Peanuts.

Flaming Lips ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’

"Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" by The Flaming Lips, released in 2002, is a genre-defying masterpiece. Its blend of ethereal lyrics and experimental electronic-rock textures showcases The Lips' innovative approach to music, making it a landmark album that pushes artistic boundaries while resonating emotionally with listeners.

Michael Jackson ‘Off The Wall’

Michael Jackson's 'Off the Wall' is a game-changing masterpiece that showcased his evolution as an artist. Released in 1979, it seamlessly blended pop, R&B, and disco, setting the stage for his iconic '80s reign. With chart-toppers like 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough,' it's a timeless classic that defines an era.

Alice Coltrane ‘Journey In Satchidananda’ with Alina Bzhezhinsk

'Journey In Satchidananda' is a spiritual odyssey through ethereal harp and jazz-infused improvisations. Its fusion of Eastern mysticism and avant-garde jazz creates a transcendent sonic pilgrimage.