Classic Album Sundays Berlin will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Laurie Anderson’s seminal debut album “Big Science”.

The 1982 release of “Big Science” was as remarkable for introducing the new York multimedia artist as an avant-garde composer and musician for the first time, as it was for its unlikely mainstream success: the 8-minute epic track, “O Superman,” reached #2 in the UK pop charts, and its iconic music video continues to be one of the most inventive music video references of the decade. Fusing minimalism and spoken word with Anderson’s monochromatic palette, “Big Science” is an essential moment in music history.


We are delighted to be hosting this event at Innervisions Muting The Noise shop with special guest Christine Kakaire.



Time & Date: Sunday October 29th 5pm open, 6pm start, 9pm end

Venue: Muting the Noise GmbH, Blücherstraße 22, 10961 Berlin

Tickets: Reserve your seat and pay 5€ on the door

Presenter: Christine Kakaire – Christine is a music journalist & editor, and her words, work and voice can be found on Pitchfork, Red Bull Music Academy, Crack Magazine, Boiler Room, Ableton and Resident Advisor.

Audio menu: Klipschorn speakers, Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer, Sovereign Glory amplifier, Technics Direct Drive Turntable System SL-1200G, Nagaoka DJ Grado cartridge