We were joined by Motorpsycho recently in Oslo and while we had the chance we grabbed Bent’s Top 5 Albums!

1. Grateful Dead – ‘Live/Dead’

“Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven. Say no more. Next to ‘Live at Leeds’ (The Who) the best live album ever. Trippy electric Dixieland music!”

2. King Crimson – ‘Larks Tongues in Aspic’

“The Wetton/Cross/Bruford/Fripp-crew is my favourite Crimson era, but I like ‘Larks Tongues…’ best as an album for some reason. Must be Jamie Muir who add something inexplicable maybe? Fuzzguitar-Bartok? Absolutely fantastic!”

3. Black Sabbath – ‘Master of Reality’

“Sabbath was unique in many ways and made many amazing records, but ‘Master…’ may be the one that sums them up best. Maybe. There are more hits on other albums, but none of them catches downer/dirge-Sabbath as well as this one. 34 perfect minutes!”

4. Van der Graaf Generator – ‘Pawn Hearts’

“I got to know Peter Hammill’s world late, but it really hit me when I finally saw the light! VdGG was/is even darker and more screwed than Crimson, but is very related in harmony and intensity. The riff 2:55 into ‘Man-Erg’ is one the most vicious I’ve ever heard. Genius!”

5. Yes – ‘Close to the Edge’

“I don’t know why, but this one lightens many of my nerve centres. YES was more floral and rococo than the other records mentioned here, but CttE is amazing, both compository and in design. A masterpiece!”

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