In honour of the recent passing of Tom Verlaine, May’s Album of The Month Club will feature Television Marquee Moon on Tuesday 6th June at 8pm BST.

Television’s debut album “Marquee Moon” is an undisputed masterpiece of the punk and post-punk era, and a true milestone in the history of rock music. Released in 1977, it showcased the band’s virtuosic musicianship and songwriting prowess, with intricate guitar interplay and poetic lyrics that explored themes of alienation, disillusionment, and existential angst.

From the propulsive opener “See No Evil” to the epic title track, with its mesmerizing guitar solos and hypnotic groove, “Marquee Moon” is a tour de force of inventive arrangements, experimental textures, and melodic hooks. It also paved the way for countless other punk and alternative acts that followed, influencing generations of musicians and fans alike.

In short, “Marquee Moon” is a classic album that demands repeated listens and continues to captivate and inspire music lovers to this day.

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In advance of the meeting, Colleen will send out a ‘Musical Lead-Up Playlist’ of 10 songs – music that will set the tone for the deep album listening featuring Television’s inspirations and other bands in their milieu at that time.

At the meeting, itself, Colleen tells the story behind the album for about 20 minutes and then we listen to the album in its entirety without interruption following our listening guidelines – phones off and no talking. To be clear, its up to you to source whichever copy of the album you can get your hands on – streaming online, CD, vinyl – whatever it is. We don’t broadcast the album over Zoom as you won’t have a great listening experience.

After the album finishes we reconvene and have a discussion about the album and our listening experience.

Patreon Members and higher tiers can attend the Album Club. You can subscribe here and don’t forget you can unsubscribe at any time.

We hope you can join us and thanks for listening!

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Our events really resonate with people and one of our newest members sent this testimonial after her first Album Club last month:

“I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome and the knowledge there are friendly like minded people across the world out there and you brought us all together through a shared love of music. That is awesome. I have been mostly alone through the pandemic (am single, live alone – and yes do have the requisite cats to complete the stereotype!😂) My 25 + year career has been in events, currently in the West End of London so in my “normal” life I would be out at least 3/4 times a week. That has all obviously completely stopped for me and it has been a somewhat of a struggle mentally, music has kept me sane and Sunday’s event really helped my sanity. I truly hope to meet you in real life at some point to say thank you in person and look forward to engaging in more events.” – Angela

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