Considering the cast of individuals who created The Velvet Underground & Nico, it’s impossible to think how it couldn’t have been legendary. The album’s producer/core funder, Andy Warhol, is a legendary voice in visual art and couldn’t be more influential in today’s modern image. Lou Reed destroyed what was socially acceptable within a set of lyrics and sang about some life’s most fucked-up scenarios with badass confidence. Nico’s distinctly tranquilizing, wise and deep vocals provide an intriguing female perspective to support and contradict Reed’s on The Velvet Underground & Nico. And, John Cale would produce a number of legendary artists who helped further develop rock in the 1960s, including Nick Drake, Nico, The Modern Lovers, and Brian Eno.

All of these influences and more are featured on this musical lead-up playlist. Outside Cale’s massive production discovery, you will find early admirers of Velvet Underground’s musical influence, like The Feelies, Television, and Patti Smith. Some of Lou Reed’s influences, including 50s doo-wop artist The Excellents and Bo Diddly can be found at the end.

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