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CAS NYC Session: Quincy Jones ‘Walking In Space’ & Dust &...

Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves is releasing a brand new book on vinyl culture and record collecting & for the book launch Eilon will present his favourite album, Quincy Jones' 'Walking in Space'.

Graham Jones: How Vinyl Saved the Record Shop

The 'Last Shop Standing' and 'Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops' author has an exclusive blog for CAS.

Captain Beefheart “Safe As Milk” presented by Paul Briggs

Domino Records' Paul Briggs talks us through his love of the pysch-rock classic "Safe As Milk" by Captain Beefheart who subsequently influenced countless musicians.

Why iPods Suck by Jeremy Gilbert, Professor of Cultural and Political...

University of East London Professor of Cultural and Political Theory Jeremy Gilbert discusses why vinyl is the purist way to listen to music.

ES Magazine

ES Magazine talks to Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy about Classic Album Sundays and why we still prefer listening to vinyl.


A weekly or monthly round-up of some of the interesting articles and album info:

Neil Young’s Thoughts on Compact Discs

“‘Everything recorded between 1981 and say, 2010 will be known as the dark ages of recorded sound,’ said Young, who had many reasons for disliking the CD.

Classic Album Sundays Sets the Record

Have we sacrificed sound quality with digital formats and is that why vinyl is having such a renaissance? Do some albums deserve to be heard beginning to end? Are most of our listening experiences confined to isolated instances such as listening on headphones to our iPods?

Classic Album Sundays: The Debate

Did I have any idea that our small monthly gathering of album appreciators would end up in the international press?