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Episode 5 Behind The Counter 2024: JM Records, Exeter

“I quite like the idea of my customers being able to come in here and seeing that I am predominantly pop and not be afraid to buy Britney Spears or Ariana Grande, like you could do. It can feel quite intimidating walking in, and I just want this to be a safe space for customers.” James Maclean

Episode 4 Behind The Counter 2024: Dreamhouse Records, Leyton

“A record shop in a community is really important, I think. It’s a good place for people to meet, discuss music, and get projects going. I know most of the regulars and I know people from around the area, so I think it works really well, with a more personal touch.” Jon Clifford, Dreamhouse Records.

Episode 3 Behind The Counter 2024: Tough Love, St Leonards on...

“I decided I wanted to open the kind of shop that I couldn’t find. Part of the important thing for me was to make this shop a safe space. I want to encourage females to come and feel comfortable in that kind of space. I wasn’t always made to feel that way when I was younger, I felt very intimidated, so I definitely wanted to create the opposite vibe in here. Anja Petitto

Episode 2 Behind The Counter 2024: Hey Joe Music and Coffee,...

"I was born into the music industry really. My parents had a record shop in the 80s and 90s called Sgt. Pepper's. They had branches around Essex and East London, and I remember being in there most of my childhood to be honest!" Marc Sardinha, Hey Joe.

Behind The Counter UK 2024: Vinyl Van, Dorchester (Episode 1 of...

“So, the shop started by me taking out my van with my partner and selling a few records at festivals. Had the day job, just thought it was gonna be a bit of fun at the festivals and it grew from there!” Marcia Smith