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[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Sydney presents The Cure ‘Disintegration’

Date and Time: Sunday December 9th 2018 6:00pm to 9:45pm

Kris Needs Top 5 NYC Albums Of All Time

“I was really fond of Needs in a period where we were regularly savaged by British rock journalists who would appeal to our good graces and come on all friendly like. Kris proved to be a staunch supporter whose moral code was not at odds with his face value” – Chris Stein (Blondie)

[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Sydney presents Sade ‘Stronger Than Pride’

Date and Time: Sunday November 11th 2018 6pm to 9:00pm

Blondie ‘Parallel Lines’ Musical Lead Up Playlist

This playlist sets the musical context for the creation of the LP with Blondie's inspirations and contemporaries featuring Ramones, New York Dolls, Talking Heads, Patti Smith and more.

The Story of Blondie ‘Parallel Lines’

“The only place left for rock to go is toward more girl stars. There's nothing left for men to do. There's bound to be more male stars, but they can't express anything new.” - Debbie Harry

Blondie ‘Parallel Lines’ Legacy Playlist

Influencing fashion, music and more, Blondie's influence can still be heard today.

[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Sydney presents Blondie ‘Parallel Lines’

Date and Time: Sunday September 16th 2018, 6 to 11:45pm