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Behind The Counter UK 2021: Elsewhere, Margate (Episode 12 of 12)

“Last year the Nubya Garcia record that came out, I love that record, that was one of my favourite albums of the year. I would never have listened to that had I not opened a record store.” Alex Barron

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Empire Records, St. Albans (Episode 11...

“I love working in a record store, it’s amazing you know, the music you listen to, people you meet, you’re surrounded by the things you love all day.” Dave Burgess

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Diverse Vinyl, Newport (Episode 10 of...

“All round the world there’s these little shops still trying to cling on to the idea that like minded people can come and hang out as a community. ”Paul Hawkins

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Bear Tree Records, Sheffield (Episode 9...

“We just wanted it to feel like a space people could come in and enjoy and it not be dark and dingy and dusty and messy... you’re not sifting through loads of stuff that nobody really wants.” Joe Blanchard

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Reflex Records, Newcastle (Episode 8 of...

“I think people got a little bit bored with CDs back in the day and they started to want to look at a piece of art and really play with the artefact that is a record.” Alan Jordan

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Tallbird Records, Chesterfield (Episode 7 of...

“I think it’s really important to get behind local artists and acts, there is just a wealth of local talent that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily be heard… that’s why we set up Tallbird as a record label as well. We’re very proud of the artists that we’ve championed and brought to the shop.” Maria Harris

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Le Freak Records, Dundee (Episode 6...

This week’s episode features Le Freak Records in Dundee. “Record Store Day… it’s kind of like Halloween to a fancy dress shop, in terms of its the one week or month where you actually kins of feel like you’re making money!“ Jack LeFeuvre

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Flashback Records, London (Episode 5 of...

This week’s episode features Flashback Records in London. “The great thing about working in a second hand record shop is that you’re not part of the whole sort of industry machine. You’re working within music, dealing with great music the whole time, but you’re not part of that whole horrible promotional machine that surrounds all of music it seems.” Mark Burgess

Behind The Counter UK 2021: Wilderness Record Store, Manchester (Episode 4...

“Our whole ethos has always been that we don’t want to be a stuffy music shop… we want everyone to feel comfortable, and definitely as a women who works in music, we want to go against that whole idea that record shops are very masculine.” Hannah Tinker





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