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Episode 9 Behind The Counter 2024: Defend Vinyl, Liverpool

“Defend Vinyl was inspired by a couple of trips I took to New Orleans. There’s a place there called ‘Defend New Orleans’, which is all about maintaining the spirit of the city. And I really liked the idea of keeping the spirit of records alive. It’s been amazing!" Graham Jones, Defend Vinyl.

Behind The Counter UK 2023: 81 Renshaw, Liverpool (Episode 10 of...

“I think that’s the thing about record shops that people don’t realise, we’re part of the local music scene. We sell records to people who spend money, every week, on music.” Al, 81 Renshaw.

Jacaranda Records – Phase One in Liverpool (Behind The Counter Episode...

Jacaranda Records is a music hub in the heart of Liverpool, operating as a record shop, bar, cafe, live venue and a record label building upon the city’s legacy as a powerhouse of the music business.