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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019: Talk Talk ‘The Colour Of Spring’

In our latest Rocky Mountain Audio Fest blog we consider how The Colour Of Spring changed the direction of Talk Talk's music.

[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Stafford presents Prince ‘Purple Rain’

Time and Date: Sunday October 6th 2019 4:00pm – 8:00pm

[ Past ] Classic Album Sundays Oslo Presents Grace Jones ‘Slave To...

Time and Date: Thursday June 20th 2019 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Forgotten Classic: Julee Cruise ‘Floating Into The Night’

Looking back on an album that marked the convergence of three visionary talents.

The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ at 30 – by Andi Harriman

Writer and DJ Andi Harriman explores the story behind a beautifully miserable classic.

Forgotten Classic: Tom Tom Club ‘Tom Tom Club’

A vibrant tonic of rock, dub, and funk, Tom Tom Club's debut remains an undeniable cult classic.