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The 21st Century Concept Album on BBC 6 Music

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy takes a look at how the concept album has evolved and if there has been a recent revival with guests Janelle Monae, The Mountain Goats, The Antlers and The Lemon Twigs

The Art of the Album Part Four

The Seventies was the Golden Era of the album, but what happened to our beloved format in the following decades? The best-selling album of all time - that's what!

The Art of the Album Part Two

The Sixties witness The Beatles' game changing LP, the concept album and the album as the format of choice for the real music fan.

The Art of the Album Part Three

The Seventies: Pink Floyd become the Kings of the Concept Album and our beloved format catapults the music business ahead of the film industry.

The Story of Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’

The encapsulated story behind Pink Floyd's rock opera about self-alienation and their biggest selling record.