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Classic Album Sundays Radio Documentary on The Making of Elton John’s...

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy explores the stories behind the Elton John's consummate pop masterpiece featuring interviews with Elton, Bernie Taupin, Ed Sheeran & more.

Classic Album Sundays on Guardian Music Weekly Podcast

Colleen discusses origins of and mission behind CAS with Alexis Petridis and demonstrates her hi-fi by playing one of her favourite albums.

Album Suggestions from September 2013

Septembers album suggestion from our guests include Television "Marquee Moon, Beck "Odelay" and more

Classic Album Sundays at Loud & Clear Edinburgh Fringe of The...

Loud + Clear host CAS at The Edinburgh Fringe. The featured album is Rock's Greatest Soap Opera!

Classic Album Sundays presents Air “Moon Safari”

Oh la la! Summer is here and the time is right for a "Moon Safari". French duo Air's debut album united synth-based electronica, kick-back loungey vibes and cinematic scores and became a hit. Quelle surprise!

City Radio Glasgow’s Documentary about Classic Album Sundays

Ryan McMullan presents a great half hour radio doc on CAS and interviews our worldwide hosts and the listeners themselves. Find out why the listeners find the experience so unique.

The Guardian

The Guardian takes a look at how people are growing tired of the 'bite size' culture we live in and how listening to an album all the way through can be a more fulfilling experience.

Hi-Fi News & Record Review

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy talks to Hi-Fi News about Classic Album Sundays, sound systems and the joys of listening to an album all the way through!

Brightest Young Things – NYC

Three of the most successful producers in the world, Tony Visconti, Ken Scott and Nile Rodgers talk to Classic Album Sundays about their experiences producing David Bowie.