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Brian Eno ‘Here Come the Warm Jets’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Experience the musical lead-up to Brian Eno's "Here Come the Warm Jets" featuring his musical inspirations and contemporaries on our new CAS YouTube Channel!

The Story of Brian Eno ‘Here Come the Warm Jets’

After leaving Roxy Music, Brian Eno unleashes his own unadulterated brand of art-rock-pop on his debut solo album "Here Come the Warm Jets".

CAS London & NYC present Brian Eno “Here Come the Warm...

Buy tickets to our first session of 2013 in London and NYC CAS when we present Brian Eno's first solo LP "Here Come the Warm Jets".

CAS NYC Brian Eno ‘Here Comes the Warm Jets’ Musical Lead-Up

The tunes played in the Musical Lead-Up for our CAS NYC Brian Eno session.

Classic Album Sundays ventures to The Land of Kings

Classic Album Sundays will be at Dalston’s own festival Land Of Kings on Saturday, 5 May at The Vortex, 11 Gillett Square, Dalston N16 8AZ. CAS will feature two different classic albums that were recorded in The Smoke as we celebrate London in its most ridiculously trendy neighborhood.