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CAS Fukuoka presents Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines’

Join us in Fukuoka Japan as we look back at Bristol heroes Massive Attack and their classic album 'Blue Lines'.

Sounds of a City Bristol: Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines’

The last episode of 'Sounds Of A City' presents the case as to why 'Blue Lines' is Bristol's definitive album.

Classic Album Sundays Glasgow presents Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines’

Our Scottish session pays tribute to the album that brought the Bristol sound system scene to an international audience.

Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Check out some of the original songs from which Massive Attack sampled on their classic debut album.

CAS NYC’s Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines’ Musical Lead-Up

Here is the low-down on the records Jason Kincade played in the musical lead-up to our Massive Attack "Blue Lines" New York session.