We have launched a Classic Album Sundays Subscription Offering!

You can join by becoming a Classic Album Sundays Patreon Member, £10 a month gives you access to 3 monthly events: The Album Club, The Classic Album Pub Quiz and the Safe & Sound webinar for tips on improving your hi-fi and receive rewards after six months of subscription.⁣ You can try us out for a month and can unsubscribe at any time. And existing subscribers are able to upgrade to a higher subscription tier and will only pay the difference (you won’t be charged twice).

Subscribe Here

We miss hanging out and sharing and discussing music with others, so until it is safe to host ‘in-person’ events, we are moving all our event activity online until further notice. And as the future is so uncertain, to ensure the survival of Classic Album Sundays so that we can continue to serve our community, we have launched this Patreon campaign.

We are offering a range of tiers, opportunities, events and rewards with monthly subscriptions starting at £3 for a Supporter to enable us to continue to create and distribute the content we share free of charge such as podcasts, playlists, written features and videos. This month, we will share a podcast featuring our friend Gilles Peterson discussing the albums he has been listening to during lockdown.

Starting in May we will also launch a new monthly podcast called ‘Safe & Sound’ which will offer tips on improving our own home sound systems as music listening plays an even greater role during this period of isolation. This podcast is in line with Classic Album Sundays’ passion for offering the best possible listening experience so that fans can hear the most profound sonic details. At our events we use some of the world’s best audiophile sound systems so that listeners can experience the music as close as possible to the artists’ original intention and we want to share what we have learnt.

We are also offering subscriptions for monthly online events such as the Classic Album Sunday Pub Quiz and our Classic Album Sundays Album Club so that we can join together and share music, just as we do at our in-person events.

Tiers with added value offerings go all the way to an Angel for those in a financial position who feel Classic Album Sundays has a significant role in supporting the album format, vinyl culture, audiophile sound, the art of listening, musicians and music. The Angel offering is limited as the reward is a private online Classic Album Sundays event with Colleen and a group of their friends.

We understand that many are in challenging economic circumstances and we will continue to host free-of-charge live Classic Album Sundays sessions and content. We will continue to host our online offerings when we return to ‘in-person’ events, as well.

Although we are asking for our community’s support, any of which will be greatly appreciated, we also feel we are offering value: a way to connect and share with other music fans, a means to discover and learn more about music and sound systems, and a platform to experience music differently.

Thanks so much for your continued support and we hope to ’see you’ at one of our online events! Thanks for listening.