This part is above the first Header tag, so it is consistently at the top.

3. This is a Header 3

But you can use any Header number

In between Headers, put any content you want.

2. This is a Header 3

Use the same title, or different, as you want!

1. You can use the same title for each or different

This part is below the last Header & I clicked on “Shortcodes” and then “Smart list end” (appears in the editor option next to Bold, Italic, Quote, etc)

Making a new one:

  1. Add New Post
  2. Scroll to bottom of page, click on “Smart List”
  3. Pick the style of Smart List you prefer (this is Smart List 1)
  4. Choose Title size you plan to use (this one used Header 3, but you can use any) — every time this Header type appears, a NEW slide will appear

Try out different Smart List types to find your new favorite for the new site!