Watch to learn how you can improve your home listening experience perhaps without spending a penny!

John Carroll from Loud & Clear and Renaissance Audio was our guest for our first Safe & Sound webinar, a live event for our Classic Album Sundays Patrons. He gave us tips on tweaking our room acoustics, cabling and loudspeaker positioning that will enhance your own sound system’s performance. Our Patrons were grateful for the opportunity to ask specific questions about their own hi-fis, too.

If you want to join us for the next Safe & Sound with special guest Eric Gould of Soundlux a week from today, Wednesday the 10th June at 8pm BST, subscribe as a Member here.

The £10 subscription will give you free entry not only to Safe & Sound, but also our Classic Album Pub Quiz (19th June) and this month’s Album Club (28th June). You can try us out for a month and can unsubscribe at any time. And existing subscribers are able to upgrade to a higher subscription tier and will only pay the difference (you won’t be charged twice).

We hope to see you at an online event soon!