1. The Beatles – Revolver

I love everything by the Beatles. The Album in particular seems to be like a starting point for them in which they allowed themselves all the crazy ideas they had, which would just contribute to make things more special. The framework (The Songs and voices) are so strong, that everything else that is happening can only serve those songs to become more unique.

2. Bill Evans Trio – Explorations

When I heard this album with my friend from high school we immediately decided that this is what we want. We wanted to become improvisers to create such deepness out of instant moments. The sound of those 3 Bill Records Explorations / Portrait in Jazz and ‘Live at the Village Vanguard’ still haunts me in my dreams.

3. Bon Iver – Bon Iver

For similar reasons like the Beatles I adore the boldness in the last two Bon Iver albums to accept weirdness to serve the song. This record opened the awareness for productions styles that were out of style by that time. It also brought back the saxophone to the pop culture. I am thankful for that!

4. Jan Johansson – Jazz på Svenska

A very important album to me. The sound and use of the Piano is influential to my style. The urge to use the Piano to play around with beautiful melodies that have been influential to the performing musician is something that resonates with my approach to the piano.

5. Red Hot Chili Pepper – Blood Sugar Sex Magik

I am embarrassed to admit that until the age of 20 I thought there is no better music out there than this album. I am not so sure if I’d still agree to this opinion, but the strong focus on groove, being flexible in tempo, but still strongly attached to timing has made a strong affect on my being a musician. Also I feel like Rick Rubin found new ways to make a productions sound big without using massive reverb. By that time this has been a new approach to popular music production.