We have teamed up with St. Paul’s Gallery to feature a range of classic album cover print signed by the photographer, graphic designer and/or the artist themselves. These are very special limited edition prints. Have a browse through our gallery and click on the images for more information.

Soon to come: Classic Album Sundays tee-shirts, classic albums on vinyl and music books. So come on back soon now ya hear!

Signed Classic Album Prints Gallery

aladdin-sane-print-signed-by-david-bowie-and-philip-castle   hunky-dory-print-signed-by-david-bowie-and-rick-wakeman   david-bowie-signed-ziggy-stardust-pencil-by-artist-terry-pastor

All above prints signed by Bowie along with the artist.

karl-ferris-jimi-hendrix-electric-ladyland-signed-album-cover-print-by   electric-ladyland-print-rear-cover-image   are-you-experienced-limited-edition-print

All above prints signed by psychedelic photographer Karl Ferris.

pinkfloyddarksideofthemoonprintstormthorgerson   animals-album-cover-print-signed-by-storm-thorgerson   wish-you-were-here-print-signed-by-storm-thorgerson

All above prints signed by Nick Mason, Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell.

the-beatles-sergeant-pepper-signed-print-by-sir-peter-blake   aubrey-powell-signed-led-zeppelin-houses-of-the-holy-print   led-zeppelin-1-print-designed-by-hipgnosis

Sgt. Pepper signed by artist Sir Peter Blake and Led Zep prints signed by Hipgnosis artists.