We had the honour of hosting our first event at the Edinburgh International Festival this past weekend. Our featured album was celebrating its 50th anniversary: The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion by Edinburgh’s own Incredible String Band and we were joined by founding member Mike Heron and the album’s producer Joe Boyd.

Our session followed a live performance at the esteemed Edinburgh Playhouse the evening before. Also curated by Joe Boyd, “The Music of The Incredible String Band: Very Cellular Songs” featured a wide spectrum of musicians such as Pentangle bassist Danny Thompson, Robyn Hitchcock, Greg Lawson, Withered Hand, Karine Polwart and many others. It was a wonderful show that gave a contemporary and often Celtic twist to ISB’s songs.

Our CAS session at the Festival Theatre Studio took place the day after and was a real success. The interview was fun and enlightening (you can have a listen below) and the album sounded fantastic and a big thank you to our audio partners on this event, Loud and Clear Edinburgh. The room was filled with music and our attendees experienced the album in a way they never have before.

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