Behind the Counter is a 12-part series taking us inside record stores of the USA.

Today we meet Jackson Beckner and Steve Fallon from Extended Play in Delaware “It’s a lot easier to talk to someone and get a recommendation on something that it is to go online and ‘I’m looking for this record and they don’t have it’ and that’s the end of my search. Where as if you go into a record store it’s like, ‘I’m looking for this record’, you might like this or this or this. Point you in a direction you may never have gone.”

Please note this years Record Store Day has been postponed until June 20th due to Covid-19 concerns.

Behind The Counter is brought to you by Classic Album Sundays, Record Store Day & Dogfish Head Beer.

A new episode will be released every Monday and Thursday leading up to Record Store Day 2020. Get to know your local stores!