Classic Album Sundays and Jazz Cafe’s partnership, Kind Of New, continues in March with trumpeter Donald Byrd’s jazz fusion masterpiece Places and Spaces.

The pioneer’s genre-melding 1975 classic combines lush string arrangements, an earthy rhythm section, and powerful horns, to create a style of music that drew on the funk, soul and nascent disco styles that were prevalent throughout the decade.

Performing on the night, the band lineup includes:

Sahra Gure – vocals
Nye Banfield – sax
Ife Ogunjobi – trumpet
Wilf Diamond- trombone
Tom Morley- keys
Alex Blake- guitar
Ewan Moore – drums
Will Fry- percussion
Michael Shrimpling- double bass

Join us to experience this classic like never before.


Time and Date: Monday March 11th 7:00pm – 10:30pm


The Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, London, NW1 7PG


Available in advance.


Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy