Our Album of the Month for October is a real gem – an LP so deep we don’t think we can speak about it! We’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the one and only Kate Bush‘s sixth album, The Sensual World. Known for hits like “Love and Anger” and “This Woman’s Work,” this very aptly named album encompasses sensual worlds of baroque pop, marked by ornate instrumentation, literary storytelling, unforgettable melodies, and, of course, Bush’s famous soaring vocals. Staggeringly beautiful, somehow dark and soothing at once, it’s a perfect album for our format and should make for a wonderful communal listening experience in full, on vinyl and in audiophile hi-fi at the Velvet Lounge at
The Beauchamp Hotel!

Note: We will be hosting TWO SEPARATE SESSIONS, to accomodate more attendees. The sessions will take place back-to-back on Sunday October 20. The 1st SESSION opens at 4:30 PM, and the 2ND SESSION opens at 7:15 PM. Before you purchase, make sure to click on the CORRECT TIME on the ticketing page linked below for the session you wish to attend.

Timings for 1st session:

– 4:30 pm – doors (playlist & drinks)
– 5:30 pm – presentation begins
– 6 pm – playback of album begins
– 6:45 pm – playback ends
– 7 pm – end & clear room (unfortunately attendees will have to leave earlier than usual for this session so that we can begin the next session, but you are more than welcome to stay and hang out in the bar upstairs)

Timings for 2nd session:

– 7:15 pm – doors (playlist & drinks)
– 8pm – presentation begins
– 8:30 pm – playback of album begins
– 9:15 pm – playback ends


Time and Date: Sunday October 20th 2019 4:30pm – 7:00pm & 7:15pm – 9:15pm


The Beauchamp Hotel, 265-267 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney


Available Here


J.P. Ducharne (The World Local, Bondi Beach Radio), Jim Poe (Deep House Australia)

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Cartridge: Rega Exact, Turntable: Rega RP6, Amplifier: Accuphase E-202, Loudspeakers: Klipsch Heresy, Subwoofer: Klipsch R10SW