After celebrating Sgt. Pepper’s  Lonely Hearts Club Band’s 50th anniversary last year we’re looking forward to the Liverpool quartet’s double sequel this year, The Beatles’ generous, delightfully eclectic and deeply fascinating self-titled album, with its surprisingly clean tabula rasa of an album cover, also known as “The White Album”.

After a stay in Rishikesh, India,  the spring of 1968, occupied with transendental meditation and songwriting, The Beatles got themselves prepared for the recordings of their ninth studio album. A process that would turn out to be painfully long and frictional, but also characterized by uplifting moods and excesses from four musicians at their creative peak.

Precisely fifty years after the recordings in London started, Scott visited Classic Album Sundays in Oslo to talk about the band, the music and the recording of one of the greatest albums of all time, about four musicians bringing their respective individual creative interests into the studio, about Yoko Onos splitting presence and Ringo’s swift exit (and return).

The album is available to buy here.


Date and Time: Sunday November 25th 2018 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Kunsthall Stavanger, Madlaveien 33, 4009 Stavanger, Norway


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Tarjei Nygård

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