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We had a fantastic night at Bag O Nails in Soho, London with Sony Music celebrating the launch of ‘The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11′ . As always we set the mood with a musical lead up on our audiophile system, then Dylanologist Sid Griffin who has published two books on the subject: ‘Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, The Band and The Basement Tapes’ and ‘Shelter from the Storm‘ spoke to the crowd about the events that led up to these recording sessions and how they affected the sound on the album. We then settled in for the main event which was a full playback of the album on our audiophile sound system featuring Rega, Isol-8 and Audio Note, this was then followed by a fantastic Q&A with Sid Griffin fielding questions from the sold out crowd.

Photos by Jo Kemp and Beth Brookfield


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    Excellent event!

    EDLIS Café

    “In 2013 Garth Hudson of The Band decided it was time to digitalize the Basement Tapes which he had recorded throughout 1967 while Bob Dylan was recuperating at Big Pink after his 1966 “motorcycle accident”. Many poor, unofficial copies of these recordings have been released over the years but never an authoritative edition. Twenty reels of quarter-inch tape contained 138 separate performances. Moore “mastered the set, transferring the originals.” Garth Hudson reported that “Peter Moore with his incredible talent …. assembled and revived tape that had been crinkled, stretched.” “Several reels were mouldy and Moore had to delicately unwind and re-spool some 1,800 feet of ‘very, very thin’ reel-to-reel tape by hand on a few others to ‘flatten them out.'” The resulting product won wide critical acclaim and Moore won a Grammy Award for Best Historical Album in February 2016.”


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