The Beastie Boys released their second album ‘Paul’s Boutique’, produced by legendary hip-hop gurus The Dust Brothers in 1989. Noted for being created almost entirely with samples (something out of the ordinary for the time), the album was a commercial flop on release, with label Capital Records actually going so far as to stop promoting the album halfway through it’s original run. Since then it has gone on to be a huge fan favourite and an album we get requested to feature on a regular basis. Journalist Robert Christgau commended them for “bearing down on the cleverest rhymes in the biz” and commented that “the Beasties concentrate on tall tales rather than boasting or dissing.” Read more about the album here.

Join us for what are sure to be hugely popular events with customers and crew alike and as demand is sure to be high for these events, please make sure you get your tickets early!


Sunday 20th September 5 – 8pm

Brilliant Corners, 470 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE

Tickets: £10 here and £12 on the door

Presenter: Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy

Audio Menu: Dynavector D17D3 MC CartridgeRega P9 TurntableRega IOS Reference MC Phono StageAudio Note Jinro Integrated AmpChord Signature Speaker CableChord Signature Tuned Aray interconnectsISOL-8 Substation Integra Power Conditioner and Klipschorn Loudspeakers

New York City

Sunday, September 13th, 4 – 7 pm

Good Room 98 Meserole, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Tickets: $8 here / $10 on the door

Presenters: Ron Like Hell (Wrecked)

Audio Menu: Rega Apheta MC CartridgeRega P9 TurntableAudio Note UK pre-amplification and power amplificationAudioQuest Interconnects and cablingKlipsch LoudspeakersKlipsch SW-115 Subwoofers


Sunday, September 27th, 6 to 9 pm

Paul’s Boutique, Darres gate 1, 0175 Oslo, Norway

Tickets: NOK100 in the door or in advance here. Students/Seniors half price.

Presenters: Kent Horne with Pål Bagge Skar (Owner of Paul’s Boutique in Oslo), journalist Martin Bjørnersen and Torstein Haavorsen (Knirckefritt label & management).

Visual interpretetions by João Doria

Audio Menu installed by Duet AudioCartridge: Ortofon Cadenza BlackTurntable: Dr. Feickert Woodpecker,  Tone arm: Jelco 750 LBIntegrated Amp with phono stage: Soulution 530Loudspeakers: Piega Classic 80.2Interconnects: Midas Reference SiljeSpeaker Cable: Midas Reference SiljePower Conditioner: Oyaide

Kansas City

Sunday, September 20th, 1 – 4 pm

Waldo Pizza, 7433 Broadway Street, Kansas City, MO 64114

Tickets: $5 in advance here and if seating is still available $8 on the door.

Presenter: Kelsyn Rooks

Audio Menu: Audio Note Turntable setup – TT2 TurntableDeluxe Arm 3IQ3 cartridge; Audio Note Ankoru Amplifiers and M6 Phono pre-amplifier; Audio Note interconnects and cabling, Klipsch La Scala II loudspeakersKlipsch R-115SW subwoofers